Passport Fees


Payment Methods  Application Fees must be made by check or money order made payable to ‘U.S. Department of State’. Starter checks are not accepted. If you do not have a check, money orders are available at the Tate Student Center Cashiers Window. Execution Fees are payable to the University of Georgia Valid payment methods are listed below.
Payment Type U.S Department of State University of Georgia
Cash No Yes
Personal Check Yes Yes
Bank Check (i.e./ Cashier’s Check) Yes Yes
Money Order Yes Yes
Debit Card No Yes
Credit Card No Yes

Passport Services

U.S Passport BooksApplication Fee
(Paid to State Department)
Execution Fee
(Paid to UGA)
Age 16 and over$110$35
Under Age 16$80$35
U.S Passport Card
Age 16 and over$30$35
Under Age 16$15$35
U.S Passport Books & Passport Card
Age 16 and over$140$35
Under Age 16$95$35
Passport Photo
2″ x 2″ Color Photo$6

Optional Services

Department of State Expedited Passport Processing Service is available for an additional $60.00. Please add $60.00 to your Application Fee.
Express Mail is the quickest way to receive your passport. An additional fee of $17.13 may be added to the Application Fee for this service.

For current processing times, please visit

*The U.S. Department of State requires the collection of an Execution Fee at all Passport Acceptance Facilities.