Let all the big dawgs eat
Food Scholarship

The Let All the Big Dawgs Eat Food Scholarship is a need-based scholarship that awards meal plans to several UGA students each fall and spring semesters, as well as summer terms.

About the Scholarship

The Let All the Big Dawgs Eat Food Scholarship was founded in 2014 to help address the food insecurity crisis at UGA. The scholarship supports students who struggle to afford adequate nutrition and allows them to concentrate on academic success without the worry of securing their next meal.

Administered by the Tate Student Center within UGA Student Affairs, the scholarships allow students to participate in the meal plan through the University’s award-winning Food Services department. Students have the option of dining with their peers in dining halls across campus when they choose, as frequently as they choose, seven days per week.

Studies have shown that students who are well nourished perform better academically.

In Their Own Words...

UGA students talk about their struggles with food insecurity, wondering where they’ll secure their next meal, and the toll that hunger takes on their academic abilities.

Contact Information

Janice Davis Barham, PhD
Associate Dean of Students and
Director of the Tate Student Center
Tate Student Center

(706) 542-3816