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Under certain circumstances, dependents of visitors and individuals with special affiliation with the University may also be eligible for a dependent UGA OneCard. A dependent UGA OneCard is issued to spouses and dependent children (under the age of twenty six) of a campus visitor. A UGA Dependent Request Form must be submitted to the UGA OneCard Office five working days prior to having the ID card made. Request forms are available upon request from the UGA OneCard Office as well as online. The University offers restricted privileges for visitor dependents with the UGA OneCard.

Campus visitors may use the online form to apply for a for their dependents. This form, however, must be completed by the campus visitor and not the dependent. 

Send form to UGA OneCard Office, 309 Tate Student Center, Athens, GA 30602 or fax to 706-542-0070.


  • Wait five working days, then go to the UGA OneCard Office, to have ID’s made. The UGA OneCard costs $30.00. Acceptable methods of payment are cash, check and credit card.
  • Employees need not accompany family members if his/her employment status is in the database and all paperwork has been properly completed and received in the UGA OneCard Office.

Visiting Researcher / Scholar

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  1. Click here to log in and upload your photo
  2. Wait for your approval email. You will receive a payment link.
  3. After payment, follow pick-up instructions.

Eligible for the Ramsey Student Center & Golf Course


Affiliates for the University campus whose stay is for an extended but defined period of time, generally from one month to one year, and for a specific academic or administrative purpose, similar to work being performed by regular UGA faculty or staff, will be eligible for a UGA ID number in order to apply for on campus parking or other services that may require a UGA identification number. Upon submission of the Affiliate ID number request form, the UGA OneCard Office will issue the Affiliate a UGA ID number that will be used for official University purposes.

Included in this category would be individuals whose work is based on campus but who are not part of the UGA master payroll/personnel data base. (Those excluded from this category would include students, conference participants, entertainers, law enforcement agencies, and most state and federal employees.) Individuals in this category may be eligible for other University services. Affiliates must be sponsored by an authorized University official or department. Affiliates must be renewed through the UGA OneCard Office, if necessary, by their sponsor in order to retain eligibility for University services.

Affiliate UGA ID Numbers are issued at no charge to the applicant.

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  • 309 Tate Student Center – 3rd Floor, between Tate Theatre & Starbucks
  • 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m, Monday-Friday
  • 706-542-8549