Lost UGA Onecard

Returning Students

Replacement IDs may be ordered online and your card mailed to you by following these procedures:

  1. Submit an order online here.
  2. Using your UGA email address, send us a new ID photo using these guidelines:
    1. Passport-style headshot
    2. Solid white or light gray background
    3. Click here for examples
  3. Include your Order # in your email, along with your mailing address.
  4. Please email your photo to ugacard@uga.edu.
  5. We may ask you to send a photo of your Photo ID for verification.
  6. If you have never received a UGA OneCard before, we cannot mail your first card to you. This process is for REPLACEMENT IDs ONLY.

FACULTY/STAFF/AFFILIATES- Please email us at ugacard@uga.edu so that we can provide you with instructions that best fit your circumstances.

NOTE: All UGA OneCard-related emails should be directed to ugacard@uga.edu.

Report It!

Your UGA OneCard is a cash card and because your OneCard is your key to all services on campus you should protect it accordingly. 

The OneCard Office will contact you through your UGA email address if your lost card has been turned in, unless it has already been replaced.

If you have a Paw Points or a Bulldog Bucks account, follow the instructions in the Bulldog Bucks FAQ for “What Should I do if I lose my card?”

If you have special access to buildings, rooms, labs, or other secured areas, contact your department’s access control administrator to disable your card’s access until you get it replaced.

Access to Dorms, Dining Halls, and Ramsey Center require the use of a PIN or Iris Image, so a lost card on its own will not give someone access to those facilities. 

Replaced UGA OneCards cannot be reactivated if found. Your OneCard is treated like a lost or stolen credit/debit card.

NOTE: All UGA OneCard-related emails should be directed to ugacard@uga.edu.