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​Usage Policies

Failure to comply with University of Georgia policies or federal, state and local law may result in the cancellation of future existing reservations and/or restriction from the use of University facilities. Discrimination in the use of these facilities because of disability, race, religion, nationality, or sexual orientation is prohibited.

​Tate Center, Scott Hall & Memorial Hall Indoor Space Usage Policies

​Tate Center & Memorial Hall Outdoor Event Spaces Usage Policies

​Tate Center Table Spaces Usage Policies

​Promotional Spaces Usage Policies

​Classroom - Meetings & Events Usage Policies

​Outdoor Space Usage Policies

  • Herty Field
  • President's Club Garden (behind Old College)
  • New College Lawn
  • DW Brooks Mall
  • The Jaworski Amphitheater
  • Parade Grounds
  • Royar Square
  • Scott Lawn

​Legion Field Usage Policies

​MLC Group Study Rooms Usage Policies

​Presentation Practice Room Usage Policies

​Chapel Usage Policies

​Quarters A Usage Policies

​Usage Policies for Weddings

​Minors on Campus