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Food scholarship

Your gift supplies students with the vital nutrition they need to succeed at UGA.

The Let All the Big Dawgs Eat Food Scholarship relies on the generous contributions of private donors. Your donation will have immediate and direct impact on the success of our students. Indeed, your gift could make the difference between a student successfully graduating or leaving UGA simply because of an inability to secure nutrition.

Give to the food scholarship HERE.

Food insecurity can strike students without warning, with a student on the meal plan one semester and unable to afford the cost the next semester. Too many of our students are forced to choose between staying in school or paying for sufficient food to support their nutritional needs. To date, more than 950 individuals and corporations have donated to the Let All the Big Dawgs Eat Food Scholarship.

Donations of all amounts are gratefully accepted. Only $110 will feed one student three meals per day for one week.

Your generous donation provides for students in the following ways:

  • $2,000 = One Semester Scholarship
  • $4,000 = One Academic Year Scholarship
  • $6,000 = One Calendar Year Scholarship (including summer semester)
  • $8,000 = Two Academic Year Scholarships
  • $12,000 = Two Calendar Year Scholarships

Students who are awarded the scholarship receive unlimited access to UGA dining halls through enrollment in either a five-day or seven-day-per-week meal plan. Students may apply for a scholarship that provides the meal plan during fall and summer semesters together or during summer semester. Recipients may eat at any of the dining halls on campus.

Receiving the food scholarship meant that I could focus on my academics more and devote more time to studying and research to make this campus a better place. I actually made better grades this semester with the food scholarship than last semester.– Kaustov Chakrabarti, Class of 2023


Personally, receiving this scholarship meant that I would be able to focus on my studies, it meant that I could live a healthy lifestyle, and most importantly, it meant that I would be able to stay in college. This food scholarship has allowed me to do so much more, it has helped me become more involved in the community, stay healthy and perform better in school. – UGA Student, Class of 2022

The Food Scholarship has helped me to not worry about food insecurity. This gave me the confidence throughout the semester that some of my needs were being met. This also has helped me to understand the importance of giving sacrificially. This has also helped me personally understand that my purpose here at UGA is not overlooked or forgotten and that being a Dawg means being someone who cares and is cared for. – Stacy Aibangbee, Class of 2021

Personally, this scholarship relieved so much stress from my everyday life. I no longer had to worry about how to budget for food nor stress about not having full meals. I am especially grateful for this scholarship during the COVID-19 crisis. I was so worried about how I could afford groceries since losing my on-campus job due to the pandemic, but this scholarship truly blessed me and provided exactly what I needed. – Anonymous, 2020 UGA Graduate

This scholarship has been able to relieve my family of a major financial burden, which means the world to me. I did not have to worry about my parents struggling to find the money to ensure I had a place to eat every day, significantly reducing my stress and allowing me to put my academic success above everything. I am incredibly humbled to have received the Food Scholarship. It has helped put everything in perspective and I am so thankful for the opportunity I have been given to succeed because of it. Over the past year, I have offered completely free science tutoring to a multitude of students as a means to give back the best I can. The Food Scholarship has helped lift a significant amount of stress off me and my family and in the process made me a better person. – DJ Keller, Class of 2022

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Director of the Tate Student Center
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