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Ticket Sales Policy

The Dean of Students Business Office is responsible for the sale of any and all tickets, merchandise, and/or event registration/entry fees to programs and events sponsored by registered student organizations when these student organizations intend to deposit ticket revenue into a University account and/or when an organization is funded either entirely or in part by the student activity fee.


All tickets or merchandise sold is subject to Georgia State Sales Tax (7%) under Georgia Law and Tate Business Services will deduct this tax and remit to the proper state agency.
All tickets, merchandise, or registration/entry fees must be sold by an authorized paid employee of the University of Georgia as designated by the Dean of Students Business Office.
All revenue from ticket sales, merchandise, or registration/entry fees must be deposited into an official University of Georgia account.  It cannot be deposited into an outside checking account. 
It is expressly prohibited by Georgia Law and University policy that expenses for an event be paid in cash from ticket, merchandise, or registration/entry fee revenue.
Student organizations cannot print their own tickets for resale. 

The Dean of Students Business Office will supply and print all tickets.  All tickets must be numbered and sold in numerical order.
All sales are final.  There will be no refunds or exchanges to individuals who purchase tickets, merchandise or registration/entry fees unless there are circumstances that warrant the need.  If so, the Ticket Sales Manager will make the final decision as to the process.
Events sponsored by or supported by the student activity fee may offer UGA students a discounted price.  This offer will allow one discounted item per fees paid student and the UGACard must be presented to the cashier at the time of sale.  The UGACard may also be required to use a ticket at the entrance.

Complimentary tickets must adhere to the Dean of Students and UGA policy (this policy was approved by the University Internal Audit Department and will be strictly enforced).  All complimentary tickets must be accounted for.  Names of individuals who are eligible for complimentary tickets must be submitted to the Dean of Students Business Office at least one day prior to the event.  Anyone receiving a complimentary ticket must show photo identification and sign for the ticket when it is picked up.
A TICKET REQUEST form must be completed and signed by an authorized individual and returned to the Ticket Sales Manager in the Dean of Students Business Office at least one week in advance of tickets going on sale.  The Ticket Sales Manager has the authority to determine if the on-sale date is acceptable.  Review the form carefully.  Changes cannot be made once the event has been set up in the computerized ticketing system.
The Ticket Sales Manager will audit the ticket sales at the conclusion of the event and prepare a final report for the event coordinator. 
The Dean of Students Business Office will not supply materials, change funds, etc. for any organization to sell their own tickets.
The Dean of Students Business Office will offer a ticket printing service to individuals, businesses, or those organizations not covered by the policy above who might desire a specialized ticket.  These tickets will not be printed on University ticket stock paper.
The sponsoring organization will be charged a “per ticket” fee for each ticket printed.  This fee is listed on the TICKET REQUEST form.  For some special events there will also be a $25 set-up fee to program the ticket and event management systems.
The Ticket Sales Manager will provide a ticket report to the event coordinator once the event has been reconciled and all funds deposited into the UGA account.  This report may also include the demographic information of students who attended the event if requested (data gathered by scanning the ID card at the event entrance). 
For merchandise or registration/entry fees the Ticket Sales Manager or Head Cashier will provide information regarding specific sales to the event coordinator as pre-arranged. 
Consignment tickets sold at the Tate Student Center Cashier Window on behalf of an organization must be approved by the Ticket Sales Manager and must meet all audit standards and guidelines.
Information such as ticket sales or merchandise numbers will only be released to the event coordinator. 


The Ticket Sales Manager will schedule a staff of trained and paid student employees to sell tickets to an event.  Unless otherwise decided by mutual agreement between the Ticket Sales Manager and the event organizer students will also be scheduled to take tickets and scan UGACards at the entrance to the event to ensure that only valid UGA fee paid students use a student discounted ticket. 
Unless specifically noted on the TICKET REQUEST form the event staff will report to the event 15 minutes prior to the scheduled on-sale time.  Tickets will go on-sale one hour before the scheduled time of the event and will remain on-sale for 45 minutes past the scheduled time of the event.  If the sponsoring organization would like the ticket office to remain open beyond the normal schedule it must be noted on the TICKET REQUEST form so the Ticket Sales Manager can make the necessary scheduling.  (As students these employees make arrangements to be picked up from work, have study needs, or have another event to work and must adhere to their schedule).  Example:  There is a banquet at 6:00 followed by a program at 7:00 and a customer could purchase a ticket to the banquet and program or just the program.  The sponsoring organization must request that the ticket seller stay until a specific time (30 minutes to 1 hour) after the 7:00 program begins. 
In the event that there are multiple scheduled performers who will “open” for the main attraction the ticket sales staff will remain 30 minutes after the main attraction begins.  This should be noted on the TICKET REQUEST form that there will be additional performers and an approximate time that he main attraction will begin. 

The sponsoring organization will be charged for the student ticket sales staff time and will include the time they report to the Ticket Sales Manager, transport to/from an event, and the settlement and deposit of funds.  The minimum time will be 3 hours.  Additional time requested will be added to the minimum.

For programs or events where the student activity fee will fund all or part of the event all students attending must present their UGACard for admission.  Tate Business Services will furnish the personnel to SCAN UGACards at the event at the expense of the student organization.  Tate Business Services will not allow members of the organization to volunteer for this service. 

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