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  • All student travel expenses must be paid prior to submission for reimbursement.
  • All students requesting reimbursement for travel must first apply for a “Vendor Number” in order to receive payment.
  • The “Travel Authority” form must be filled out completely, have all required signatures, and be submitted to the Tate Student Center Business Office TWO WEEKS PRIOR to travel.  Forms sent for approval must be ORIGINALS.  No scanned attachments will be accepted.
  • Students approved for travel will receive a confirmation e-mail with their approved travel form attached.
  •  Approval depends on whether the student has paid activity fees and if expenses fall within the ten percent of allocated funds allowed for travel.
  • Travel is considered “Student Travel” if the person participating has paid activity fees, is an active student, and is on the trip as a student, regardless if the student is employed with the University (e.g. Graduate Assistant).
  • The Travel Authority form must be submitted for all conference fees and processed the same as actual travel. However, conference fees do not count towards the ten percent allowed for travel. If you choose to have conference fees paid by P-Card request prior to attendance, a completed Travel Authority is still required.
  • After travel, a PDF must be submitted with all travel documents included. Original documents do not need to be sent to the business office.
  • All PDF files MUST include: An honoraria, travel expenditure, approved travel authority, and all receipts being reimbursed. The amount specified on the honoraria must coincide with the total amount of receipts, unless, the traveler is only asking for a partial payment of receipt total. 
  • All reimbursements MUST be submitted no more than 30 days after travel. Any travel submitted after the grace period will also require a letter of justification from the group advisor. The student will also need to ensure that funds that were previously approved for the travel are still available.
  • If your travel includes receipts that do not reflect your name as the consumer e.g. shared hotel reservations, meal receipts, you ARE NOT able to receive reimbursement for those purchases. The person listed must submit separate paperwork seeking payment.
  • If you are traveling in a group and you are the only person paying expenses for the entire group, you must complete a Travel Authority form with a group travel attachment included.
  • Your group travel attachment must include every student participating. Their printed name, signature, and 810 number MUST be present in order to receive approval.
  •  If you have a group traveling and several students are accepting financial responsibility, each of those students will fill out their own Travel Authority form with a group travel attachment as explained above. They will also submit their own reimbursement forms SEPARATELY. Students traveling with a group without any financial responsibility WILL NOT fill out a separate Travel Authority form, as long as the student(s) are listed on the group travel attachment, they will be included as a traveler.

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For Questions and Submissions Contact:

Celeste Wilson
320 Tate Student Center
Phone: 706-542-8074