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​Purchase Orders

The University of Georgia Procurement Office has the responsibility of acting as the official representative for the State of Georgia in making official purchases for units within the Office of the Dean of Students. There are instances where your organization is required to utilize the services of the Procurement Office:

1. If your purchase is expected to exceed the authorized limit you should contact the Office of the Dean of Students Business Office. The Procurement Office is authorized to make purchases on behalf of your organization in an effort to secure the best price for the product you wish to purchase. However, you may utilize the Procurement Office for any purchase, regardless of the cost.

2. If you wish to purchase goods or services, regardless of amount, where the vendor requires a written contract, purchase order, or other commitment, you must place the order through the Procurement Office.

3. If competitive bidding will offer the best price possible for your purchase, the Procurement Office will assist you by submitting your order for bids. This procedure will take at least three weeks. Consult the Office of the Dean of Students Business Office if you are making a purchase that will require bids.

4. All purchase orders must flow through the Office of the Dean of Students Business Office for review and approval by Tate Business Services management.

Purchase Orders

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Acquiring Price Quotes From Vendors

You are encouraged to receive written quotes from several vendors in order to receive the best price available for the goods and services you wish to purchase. Consult with Tate Business Services concerning the best method of acquiring price quotations.

Purchase Request forms must be acquired from Central Office Supply.