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​Professional Services

Request for professional service contracts should be routed through Tate Business Services for compliance with University of Georgia policy. A professional contract is defined as any contract or commitment that engages a business or individual(s) (other than a State of Georgia employee) to perform professional services for a fee; such professional services must involve highly skilled judgement or training, artistic taste, or other similar attribute which is dependent for its quality upon characteristics and knowledge of an individual.

Examples of professional services commonly used by student organizations:

Visiting Lecturer or Speaker
Performer or Entertainer
Disc Jockey

Procedures for Paying for Professional Services

1. University employees, to include Faculty and Staff, may be compensated through University payroll procedures only. Direct payment for services rendered can be made only to non- university employees.

2. An "Honoraria and Fee Information Sheet" (with two additional copies) must be completed, signed by the service provider, attached to a check request and routed through the Office of the Dean of Students Business Office. An invoice is also required when the services are performed by a professional firm or other business establishment. (You must include the firms Federal Employer Identification Number on the Honoraria and Fee Information Sheet).

3.Professional services CANNOT be paid from petty cash funds.

4. Professional services CANNOT be paid through a second party. A student cannot pay for a professional service on behalf of their organization and request reimbursement.

5. Professional services CANNOT be paid in advance. Payment is made only after the service has been performed. Generally the service provider will sign the Honoraria and Fee Information Sheet upon completion of their engagement. Payment will be processed and a check will be mailed to the individual within two weeks. Contact the Office of the Dean of Students Business Office prior to making any commitments to service providers to discuss the proper method of payment.

6.Professional services are paid by University of Georgia check. No cash payments.

7. The amount of the fee and the amount of reimbursable expenses should be listed separately on the Honoraria and Fee Information Sheet as the reimbursable expenses are non-taxable.