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Student Activity Fee Budget

EXPENDITURE CODES - Effective as of July 1, 2013

Code # Code Name Explanation
500 UGA Personnel Which has been approved and budgeted by the Vice President of Student Affairs
701 Vehicle Rental Rental of vehicles for short term use, normally in conjunction with a program or event. Vehicle rental associated with student travel should be listed under the student travel category.
702 Food Food items which are an essential part of a program or event, such as contractual hospitality, receptions in conjunction with a program, and student training.
703 Program Supplies Supplies and materials which are purchased and consumed in conjunction with aspecific program or event. Included are items for technical use or contractual obligations such as stage props, decorations, dressing room needs, etc.
704 T-Shirts Used for advertising a program or event and should be purchased from generated funds
705 Expendable Equipment Items included in this classification are those with acquisition costs of less than $100.00.
706 Office Supplies Materials & supplies such as pens, paper clips, pencils, staples, printer cartridges,paper etc. which are used as needed to support or maintain general office need of the student organization.
707 Postage Mailing expenses for routine organization correspondence. (This is for Campusmail and the US Postal services)
708 Other Program Supplies This includes credit card fees, Bulldog Bucks fees, photo processing, linen/uniform cleaning or promotional items.
709 Physical Plant Charges Expenditures for repairs, maintenance, cleaning, alternations, performed by Physical Plant other than utilities
713 Technical Support

This category includes services provided to a student organization by the Department of Campus Life or another outside agency which assists with the implementation of a program or event. (Physical Plant charges should be includedin it's own object Code)

These services include:

A. Security services provided by the UGA Police Department or other agency.
B. Facility rental on campus or facility rental off campus. Such rental might includeequipment and labor charges.
C. Equipment rented for use in conjunction with a program or event. Does not include equipment purchases.
D. Labor charges such as sound and lighting technicians, box office staff, ushers, etc. who are on the University payroll and assist with the implementation of a program or event.

714 Charter Buses The use of UGA Campus Buses or other charter bus lines to assist in a program or event. (Not for student travel use) Expenditures associated with attendance as a delegate or representative to a conference, convention, competitive event or similar event and may include transportation, registration, lodging and meals (within University guidelines). This travel category also includes expenses associated with competition by an organized team. Students must pay their activity fees in order to be funded for travel. (UGA Students Only)
716 Student Travel
717 Dues/Memberships Fees paid to a Regional or National organization in order to benefit from such an affiliation. A letter of justification to the Vice President of Student Affairs must accompany the payment check request.
718 Subscriptions Payments for a subscription to daily, weekly or monthly periodicals such as newspapers, magazines or newsletters.
719 Freight Typically used for outbound shipments. Cost of inbound shipments are usually included as part of item purchased. This includes UPS, Fed-ex, etc.
720 Software Includes expenditures for data processing pre-packaged software systems, or programs with or without long term product licensing agreements. Service for system design and/or programming of individualized software systems or programs should be charged to the Per Diem and Fees object code.
721 Publications Printing expenditure where the organization produces a book, magazine or calendar, usually in large quantity, for campus wide distribution
722 Advertising Paid advertising where the organizations purchases ad space in newspapers,magazines, or on radio to inform the campus of an upcoming program or event.This category would also include professionally made banners. (T-shirts should becharged to the it's own object code.
723 Printing & Copying Printing and photo copying done by a University Printing operation or similar outside vendor. This would include all paper stock, binding and materials associated with a printing operation. Student organizations should utilize the services of the Tate Center Print & Copy Services whenever possible.
724 Per Diem and Fees Compensation to individuals or groups who are not on the University Payroll for services rendered. Included are payments to performers, speakers, artists, web designers and photographers/video producers
725 Telephone Routine telephone service including monthly charges for a telephone line and equipment as well as long distance charges.
726 Equipment Maintenance / Repairs Expenditure for repairs, maintenance & alternations performed by any one other than Facilities Management
727 Uniforms Includes shirts and nametags for employees
728 Staff Training/Development Includes supplies for a retreat, special conference registrations (ex: Administrative Professionals Conference at GA Center), books
729 Contingency Funds not previously budgeted to another object coded. Would only be used if other line items have been exhausted
730 Fuel Typically used only for the Van account. Would include charges for gas and oil
801 Lease/Purchases Includes all payments made on multi-year lease/purchase or installment purchase agreements. (All equipment received for which charges are made to this object code should be recorded on the property inventory systems when received and for the total acquisition price of $5,000.00 or more.
802 Equipment Includes new or replacement equipment other than motor vehicles.