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Making Charge Purchases

Some vendors will allow your organization to charge purchases on the assumption that prompt payment will follow. Please keep the following in mind:

1. Make certain that your purchase is a legitimate expenditure for your organization, is within budget limitations and follows the allocation guidelines where applicable.

2. Purchases made directly by the organization on a charge basis have a limitation of $4,999.00. If your organization is considering a purchase which might exceed this limit you should contact the Office of the Dean of Students Business Office prior to making the purchase.

3. No purchase of equipment should be made without prior approval of the Vice President for Student Affairs.

4. You must obtain an ORIGINAL INVOICE from the vendor for any charge purchase. A photo copy or carbon copy must be certified by the vendor if the original is not obtainable.

Processing Payment to the Vendor by Check Request

> See E-Check instructions and E-Check approval form