UGACard Brochure


What is the Student UGACard?

The UGACard is your key to accessing dorms, dining halls, and many other facilities and services throughout campus. Students must be registered for the current semester in order to purchase and use the UGACard. The UGACard is non-transferrable and can only be used by the student to whom it is issued. Misuse of the UGACard may result in disciplinary action by University Judiciary.

How can I find my UGAID number if I don't have a UGACard?

Your UGAID number can be found by logging into "ATHENA" and clicking the "Financial Aid" button and then "Financial Aid Status". You will see your UGAID number in front of your name in the upper right corner of the page.

How do I purchase and use Student Tickets?

UGA students who have paid the appropriate student fees are entitled to purchase one student discounted ticket to on-campus athletic events or Tate Student Center programs and events. You must present your UGACard at the box office when purchasing a student ticket. No other forms of ID or license are accepted.

The UGACard is your ticket for student athletic events. The UGA Athletic Association provides electronic ticketing using an online and real-time system.

For more details on student tickets, please visit the Tate Student Center website or the Athletic Association website.

Student Uses

Student Uses for the UGACard include:

Photo ID

  • Purchase and Use of On-Campus Athletic Tickets - Students must activate their UGACard at the Bulldog Bucks Office before purchasing athletic tickets.
  • Participation in Campus Recreation Programs
  • At the circulation & Reserves desk at UGA Libraries
  • Purchase and Use of Student Activity Event Tickets
  • University Testing Services
  • UGA Career Center
  • Voting in Campus Elections
  • Purchase of Parking Permits
  • Riding the Campus Transit and Athens Transit Systems
  • Use of Recreational Facilities ( Legion Pool & Lake Herrick)
  • Treatment at the University Health Center

Handkey Access

  • Dining Halls
  • Ramsey Center for Student Physical Activities

For more information, see BulldogBucks

Other Uses

  • Time clock use if employed on campus.

Student ID Policies

ALL students (undergraduate and graduate) must be registered and have their fees assessed for the current semester prior to having their UGACard made.

The UGACard is non-transferable, and any student who uses the ID card of another person or who allows his or her card to be used by someone else is subject to disciplinary action. Upon request, the UGACard must be shown to University officials. Giving false or incomplete information on the ID request form by a student and/or witness is a violation of University policy and subject to disciplinary action.


Please check with your Department before coming to get your UGACard. They will tell you if you require a special type of card (a proximity card) for access control to buildings and labs. Your department will provide you with the necessary forms for you to get the correct type of card. Proximity cards are issued only with a signed authorization form from your department. Refunds/adjustments will not be given if you purchase the wrong type of card.


A University of Georgia student may purchase a dependent UGACard for their spouse and dependent children (under the age of twenty six) provided the student is enrolled at the time of the request, has paid all required fees, and can provide proof of marriage and / or proof that the dependents are being supported by the student. 

By paying additional fees, Dependents may be eligible for some services, such as Ramsey Center memberships, library privileges, and some services at the University Health Center. Student Dependents are NOT currently eligible to ride Athens Transit for free. Discounted UGA Athletics tickets are also not currently offered to Dependents, although they can be purchased at regular price if available.

Please contact the service provider directly for the most current information on Dependent eligibility.

Domestic Partners are eligible to receive a UGACard with access to certain UGA services. For more information on the Domestic Partnership Program, call Human Resources at (706) 542-2222 or click here.


309 Tate Student Center - next to the Tate Theatre


8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday

Click Here for Complete Calendar (includes holiday closings)



* Proximity cards are an additional $5.00 and require department approval. 

Getting the Card

  • Students must be enrolled for the current semester in order to receive the UGACard.
  • Employees and dependents must be included in the appropriate database prior to receiving the UGACard.
  • Employees must submit a FACULTY/STAFF DEPENDENT REQUEST form to the UGACard Office at least five working days prior to having the dependent UGACard made.
  • Domestic Partners are eligible to receive a UGACard with access to certain UGA services. For more information on the Domestic Partnership Program, call Human Resources at (706) 542-2222 or click here.
  • Complete the UGACard Request form available at the UGACard Office and present the form, along with acceptable identification, and your payment to the cashier (Cash, Personal Check or Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express.)

Acceptable Photo Identification

One of the following is required:

  • State Driver's License with photo
  • Employee ID card with photo
  • Other school or college ID with photo
  • Passport with photo 
  • Credit Card with photo
  • Military ID with photo


When no photo ID is provided you must comply with the following requirements:

1. Provide two (2) documents in your name from the following list.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card
  • Marriage License
  • Housing Lease
  • Check Book
  • Bank Statement
  • Voter Registration
  • Credit Card
  • Insurance Policy
  • Utility Bill

2. Provide a witness who has a photo ID of themselves and who personally knows you