What services can a Faculty/Staff member access with the UGACard?

  • Ramsey Center Access
  • Purchase parking permits
  • UGA Library privileges
  • Admission to on-campus Athletic events
  • Use recreational facilities, such as Legion Pool and Lake Herrick
  • UGA Golf Course
  • Employment verification
  • Ride UGA and Athens Transit Buses
  • Treatment at the University Health Center's Vision, Travel, and Massage therapy Clinics

Handkey Access

  • Purchase of Membership and Access to Ramsey Center for Student Physical Activities
  • Dining Halls

For more information see BulldogBucks.

Other Uses

  • Employment Verification
  • Kronos time clock for many employees

Faculty/Staff ID Policies

To receive a faculty / staff UGACard, your employment status must be reflected in the employee database (the UGA Payroll / Personnel System). Prior to requesting a UGACard, you should check with your supervisor or departmental secretary to be sure all required personnel paperwork has been prepared and routed through the budgetary channels for inclusion in the employee database. 

New Employees

You and your supervisor may complete the following form to obtain your UGACard and the various services associated with it before your status is reflected in the employee database:

Student employees are eligible for student IDs, and are therefore ineligible for faculty / staff identification cards.

Faculty/Staff Dependent ID's

A dependent UGACard is issued to spouses and dependent children (under the age of twenty six) of faculty and staff. A Faculty/Staff Dependent ID Request Form must be submitted to the UGACard Office five working days prior to having the ID card made. Request forms are available upon request from the UGACard Office as well as online. In addition to submitting a request form, a faculty or staff member's employment status must be reflected in the employee database for eligibility.  The University offers restricted privileges for dependents with the UGACard.

Dependents of Faculty and Staff may be eligible for some services, such as Ramsey Center memberships, library privileges, and some services at the University Health Center. Dependents are NOT currently eligible to ride Athens Transit for free. Discounted UGA Athletics tickets are also not currently offered to Dependents, although they can be purchased at regular price if available.

Please contact the service provider directly for the most current information on Dependent eligibility.

Faculty and staff may use the online form to apply for their dependent(s). This form, however, must be completed by the faculty/staff member.

Send form to UGACard Office, 309 Tate Student Center, Athens, GA 30602 or fax to 706-542-0070.

Domestic Partners are eligible to receive a UGACard with access to certain UGA services. For more information on the Domestic Partnership Program, call Human Resources at (706) 542-2222 or click here.


  • Wait five working days, then go to the UGACard Office, to have ID's made. The UGACard costs $20.00. Acceptable methods of payment are cash, check and credit card.
  • Employees need not accompany family members if his/her employment status is in the database and all paperwork has been properly completed and received in the UGACard Office.
  • Dependents of Faculty & Staff are NOT eligible for free rides on Athens Transit.


309 Tate Student Center - next to the Tate Theatre


8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday

Click Here for Complete Calendar (includes holiday closings)



* Proximity cards are an additional $5.00 and require department approval. 

Getting the Card

  • Students must be enrolled for the current semester in order to receive the UGACard.
  • Employees and dependents must be included in the appropriate database prior to receiving the UGACard.
  • Employees must submit a FACULTY/STAFF DEPENDENT REQUEST form to the UGACard Office at least five working days prior to having the dependent UGACard made.
  • Domestic Partners are eligible to receive a UGACard with access to certain UGA services. For more information on the Domestic Partnership Program, call Human Resources at (706) 542-2222 or click here.
  • Complete the UGACard Request form available at the UGACard Office and present the form, along with acceptable identification, and your payment to the cashier (Cash, Personal Check or Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express.)

Acceptable Photo Identification

One of the following is required:

  • State Driver's License with photo
  • Employee ID card with photo
  • Other school or college ID with photo
  • Passport with photo 
  • Credit Card with photo
  • Military ID with photo


When no photo ID is provided you must comply with the following requirements:

1. Provide two (2) documents in your name from the following list.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card
  • Marriage License
  • Housing Lease
  • Check Book
  • Bank Statement
  • Voter Registration
  • Credit Card
  • Insurance Policy
  • Utility Bill

2. Provide a witness who has a photo ID of themselves and who personally knows you