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In October 2015, Vice Provost Mumper, and chair of the Centralized Scheduling Committee, sent a memo to Deans and Directors detailing the new policy on centralized classroom and event scheduling. The new policy is effective for Fall 2016 scheduling and the memo is available on the Registrar’s website.

With the new policy, the Registrar’s Office now schedules instructional space for courses after the exclusivity period which is defined in the reference policy. Along with scheduling instructional space for courses, the Registrar’s Office will schedule instructional space for course related events such as review sessions, final exams, etc. effective January 4, 2016. Campus Reservations, Events & Technical Services will continue to schedule space for events unrelated to specific courses.

​Campus Reservations

To schedule an Event in an academic space not related to specific courses for UGA departments, Registered Student Organizations, or non-UGA events

MLC - Room 205 Only

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Campus Reservations, Events & Technical Services

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